Northeast Dairy Association, Inc.
427 South Main Street
North Syracuse, NY  13212       

There are numerous benefits associated with membership to Northeast Dairy Association, Inc. including:

  • A Legal forum for exchange of information between those businesses and companies servicing the dairy industry.
  • The opportunity to attend many annual events including the Northeast Dairy Convention, which is sponsored by Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc., the Northeast Dairy Association, Inc., the Pennsylvania Association of Milk Dealers and the Pennsylvania Milk Dealers Associate Members.
  • A listing in our Membership Directory. This directory lists all Northeast Dairy Association and Northeast Dairy Foods Association members and is updated and distributed bi-annually to all members.
  • The opportunity to participate in a wide variety of workshops sponsored by Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc., held throughout the year.
  • The chance to take advantage of member-only discounted services.
  • Receipt of monthly newsletters detailing legislative news from Albany as well as association and industry related points of interest.

Phone:  315-452-6455    

Fax:  315-452-1643      

Email:  info@neastda.org


NDA can provide you and your company with the opportunity to increase the sales of your products and services. For a minimal, annual dues, you will receive the opportunity to attend industry related events, functions, workshops, receive news and information that will make you smarter and provide numerous opportunities for you to interact with current and potential customers.

The cost of annual membership dues is only: $25.00 for students and retirees and $175 for corporate memberships. Corporate memberships include as many representatives as you would like to have listed. Checks should be made out to: Northeast Dairy Association, Inc.

Please provide us with this information for our new database so that we can accurately provide you and your company with information about the Northeast Dairy Association, Inc., (NDA, Inc.) Please note, all of this information will not be provided to any other source, it will be kept confidential and for communications with you regarding NDA only.

Benefits of Membership in NDA